Rescue Your
Supply Chain From 
Excel Hell.

Change the way your supply chain operations team makes planning decisions, and boost profit while saving time.

“ My old reorder process was a nightmare.
Growthsayer makes it so easy and saves us so much time. ”
Amy C.
Purchasing Manager - Mountain Annie's

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Connect and Grow
with Ease

Automate data management with Growthsayer's cloud-native platform for real-time insights, saving you time on reporting and tool maintenance.


Cut Costs
with Insights

Improve your bottom line, by having the data you need at your fingertips, to predict and prevent issues before they cost your business.


Instant Data,
Zero Hassle

Stop worrying about bad data or user error, and gain peace of mind knowing its accurate and available when you need it.

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Reorder with confidence

Reduce: time spent planning reorders, stock-outs, angry customers, product overages by predicting demand by store by product including trends, seasonality and upcoming promotions



Full picture, all channels

Connect all of your inventory and sales into a single view, to understand performance by channel, and understand how best to optimize your inventory and sales plans.



Perfect the production plan

Optimize the manufacturing process by have a demand based production schedule tied in with raw material and packaging prediction so your products are always in-stock when customers need it.



Optimize your supply chain

Leverage demand signals to connect the entire network together, and predict issues before they happen.


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