“We are seeing over a 4x ROI on monthly spend with Growthsayer”

- Steve Schur | Pineapple Ventures

Discover the Power of Growthsayer

Our platform is designed to cater to all your business needs. We offer a core feature set that is essential for any business, along with specialized add-on modules tailored to specific supply chain activities like purchasing, production planning, labor planning, and more. Explore the versatility and efficiency our platform brings to your unique business requirements.

Core Features

All the features mentioned in this section are included in the base price and are considered standard for all users. While we do offer the flexibility to disable individual features or exclude them from specific tiers, these features are currently included as part of our standard offering.


Our Reorders feature is designed to streamline your purchasing decisions by analyzing forecasted sales, current inventory, on-order inventory, and reorder lead times. For those seeking advanced capabilities, we offer Reorder Pro, allowing teams to initiate with a flexible budget and then optimize purchase recommendations based on profitability and need.


Unlock insights effortlessly with Growthsayer Reports. From the Top Movers showcasing last week's best sellers to Category and Location Recaps with customizable metrics, our reports go beyond modules for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.


Take charge with Interactive Forecasting, influencing forecasts by inputting crucial business details. The dynamic forecast engine adapts seamlessly to these adjustments. Streamline inventory management through Open-To-Buy, aligning future purchases with evolving sales within budget constraints. Submit and compare forecast snapshots effortlessly.


How it Works


A 50k foot view of your business

Growthsayer's dashboard is your business's central hub. A user-friendly homepage offers a comprehensive 50,000-foot view, complete with four customizable widgets to suit your preferences.

  • ROI Booster Widget - Gives a recap of the ROI Booster opportunities that are open right now
  • Sales Widget - Shows a recap of last week’s performance to the forecast for key metrics Category
  • Targets Widget - Shows a breakdown by category of current inventory, on order inventory, and inventory target levels to show where there may be imbalances by category
  • Five Week Forecast - shows the next 5 weeks of sales projections

ROI Boosters

Your personal analyst

Discover the impact of Growthsayers ROI Boosters. These generators actively scan your business metrics, pinpointing rule violations.

  • Low inventory / excess inventory for a category
  • Low inventory or stock-outs for key products
  • Slow moving items Vendor reorder recommendations
  • Data cleanup suggestions Pricing opportunities
  • Custom boosters

Forecast Explorer

Stay ahead with precision forecasting

Explore the Forecast Viewer for a comprehensive look at the demand forecast versus actuals. Growthsayer's forecast engine predicts various categories or locations. For an immersive and interactive forecasting experience, unlock the full potential with the Advanced Forecasting module. 


Reorder Pro

A more efficient procurement process

The Reorder Report module analyzes forecasted sales, current inventory, on-order inventory, and reorder lead times, providing precise order quantities. For those seeking an advanced solution, our Reorder Pro goes further, allowing teams to start with a flexible budget by location or total, optimizing purchase recommendations based on profitability and need. 


Ready for a better way?

Growthsayer is a singular platform for all of your supply chain planning needs.


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